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It’s nearly the 5th November. Fireworks can be fun and exciting for us, but scary for our pets. We focused on helping to reduce feline stress and keeping cats safe on bonfire night in Friday’s Facebook post. Here are a few tips to help keep our canine friends calm at this time:

Walk dogs early and plan toilet trips carefully when it gets dark. Displays will mostly be in back gardens this year. Check outside before you let your dog out for a comfort break

Muffle any potential noise by closing doors and curtains, and turn on the TV or radio to mask loud bangs. There are lots of calming soundtracks for dogs available online.

Create a den where your dog can feel safe. Use a dog crate and set it up in the family room. Pop in your dog’s favourite bed, any familiar blankets your dog sleeps with, together with toys and even a treat for distraction. Place a blanket over the top to muffle noise and help pup feel enclosed and safe. If you don’t have a crate, set up your dog’s bed behind the sofa and create a canopy using a blanket. Prepare your den in advance so your dog knows where to go to feel safe.

Stay calm and don’t over-fuss. Dogs can sense if we are stressed which can increase their own unease. Praise calm behaviour, and try to avoid rewarding nervous behaviour or over-fussing if your dog is anxious. This can affect your dog’s ability to cope in future if you’re not there.

Be patient and understanding. Your dog may behave out of character if they are frightened. Examples of unusual behaviour could be reluctance to go out, or aggression at loud bands and flashes.

Fast-acting diffusers, sprays, muzzle wipes and food supplements are available to help relieve canine stress on the day too. Give us a ring on 01922 411755 to find out more.

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Published: 3, Nov, 2020