Rescued kitten’s amazing story

This adorable little kitten must surely already have used one of her 9 lives to still be here today. Maggie’s brothers and sisters were discovered by a passer-by driving to work. She’d spotted a kitten by the road and when she pulled over, found not just one kitten, but five in total, three of them alive. She and another lady managed to catch them all and brought them into the practice, where we gave emergency care to the living siblings before passing them into the safe hands of a local rescue charity.

It wasn’t until later that day that little Maggie came in. She had been found in the same area, sniffed out by a dog out on a dog walk! She was immediately adopted by the dog’s owner, and here she is looking happy and healthy on a recent visit to the vets! Her new owner tells us that she and her doggy rescuer have become best friends!

Categories: News
Published: 19, Mar, 2019