Reunited for Christmas!

On Monday (23rd December), a lady that had been feeding a stray cat for a few days brought her in for a general health check. The cat was microchipped, and we discovered the chip was temporarily registered to local charity Cats Whiskers. Through Cats Whiskers, we worked out the cat was actually a visitor to 387 Vets – in fact, Sam had not long seen Jess for a consultation on 18th November.

Jess’s owners were contacted and they immediately came down to collect her in a very emotional reunion. Here is Jess’s mum giving her lots of cuddles, together with the lady who had found Jess! Jess had actually been missing since 20th November and her owners had given up hope of her ever coming home. What an amazing Christmas present for Jess and her family to be reunited!

Categories: News
Published: 27, Dec, 2019