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Spotted Bengal Vinnie is the focus of our feline Friday post this week, but not just for being absolutely gorgeous! The four year old has been at 387 Vets to see our Pets As Therapy assessor Amy to become a recognised Pets As Therapy cat.

The Pets as Therapy charity helps enhance health and wellbeing in the local community through organised visits by trusted volunteers and their behaviourally assessed pets. Pets As Therapy owners and pets visit hospitals, hospices, nursing and care homes, special needs schools and many other venues across the UK. The pets provide comfort, friendship and companionship, and through the charity’s Read2Pets scheme, can help children build confidence with reading and improve literacy skills.

Vinnie was absolutely brilliant at his assessment. He had a good wander round the consult room, was happy to approach Amy and be held, and especially loved being given treats! Top marks!

At the moment, Vinnie goes out and about with his owner to garden centres and brings lots of love to relatives in care, and his PAT status is to make his visits in this capacity more official. We look forward to hearing whether Vinnie expands his visits to other centres and spreads the happiness he brings further afield!

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Published: 6, Mar, 2020