Special delivery

A huge thank you to 12 year old Patterdale terrier Minnie and her family for a very special Santa delivery to 387 Vets last week. Minnie and her mum and dad moved over 170 miles away earlier this year, but have still contributed to helping us to help pets in need this Christmas – by courier! These festive socks are for pets to wear in theatre to help to prevent heat loss as hypothermia slows recovery and can lead to serious health complications. Super cute! Minnie’s mum and dad also sent a beautiful festive box filled with doggie treats and accessories for our ‘Give a pet a Christmas dinner’ campaign. We are so touched you remembered us. Huge thanks.

A big shout out, too, to everyone who has donated to our ‘Give a pet a Christmas dinner’ campaign so far. You are all amazing. We have already filled Hamish’s 387 van with food and accessories for a pre Christmas delivery to Birmingham Dogs Home. And there’s more to deliver too. We’re still collecting until the end of December, so if your haven’t yet and would like to, there’s still time to donate! We’re collecting food and accessories to distribute to local cat charities too!

Categories: News
Published: 21, Dec, 2022