Special offer to help pets get back on vaccination track.

Vaccination is essential to protect our pets from a range of potentially life-threatening infectious diseases. Worryingly, however, an 18% decline has been identified since 2017 in the number kittens, puppies and rabbits receiving their primary vaccination course. The PDSA, in their 2019 Animal Wellbeing Report, also cites that 32% of pets eligible for annual boosters don’t receive regular vaccinations.

Not only are these pets unprotected against various avoidable and often fatal vaccine-preventable diseases, but lower vaccination rates mean we could potentially see a general rise in unpleasant diseases high vaccination rates would ordinarily keep at bay.

Are your pets up to date with their vaccinations? And are they attending their annual booster appointments as scheduled to maintain immunity to vaccine-preventable disease?

Puppies, kittens and rabbits require a course of vaccinations when they are young, and then regular booster vaccinations throughout their lives. If your pet’s booster has lapsed, they may require a full course of primary injections again to get back on vaccination track.

Throughout November, December and January, we’re running a vaccination amnesty to get more pets back on course with protection against preventable disease! If your pet has missed their booster vaccinations, you can take advantage of a full course of injections for the price of an annual booster until 31st January at 387 Vets.

Give us a call on 01922 411755 to book or for more information.

Let’s work together to keep your pets safe and stop avoidable spread of disease.

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Published: 11, Nov, 2019