Stop the itch with our new postal delivery service!

April is National Pet Month, and to help keep pets healthy, we’ve launched a new home delivery parasite prevention service. Parasite treatment direct to your door at no extra cost (free p&p!) to keep your pets fully protected from fleas, ticks and worms all year round!

Did you know that flea allergy dermatitis is the most common skin disease seen in cats and dogs? That ticks are on the rise with our wetter, milder seasons, and infected ticks can transmit diseases such as the deadly Lyme Disease while they feast? And that dogs can contract potentially fatal lungworm by accidentally (or intentionally) ingesting a snail or slug infected by the Angiostrongylus vasorum roundworm?

Our new monthly delivery service will help you to stay on schedule with your parasite treatments to keep pets healthy, it spreads the cost, is convenient – and will keep your house free from infestation too!

Give us a ring on 01922 411755 to find out more, or chat to us when you are next in practice.

Let’s beat those pesky parasites together!

Categories: News
Published: 17, Apr, 2019