Take care when using antifreeze this Winter

Even though it has been fairly mild so far this Winter, we’ve still had a few mornings when there has been ice on the cars, and Thursday and Friday nights this week are set to drop below zero.  With this in mind, for today’s advent calendar we wanted to raise awareness about antifreeze toxicity to help avoid heartache this Christmas.

Anti freeze is incredibly toxic to pets and wildlife. The sweet chemical it contains ethylene glycol) is very tasty to animals, but even ingesting a tiny amount can be fatal, especially in cats, and can lead to a traumatic death.

Keep pets and wildlife safe:

  • Make sure anti-freeze containers are well sealed and labelled, and are stored away from pets
  • Mop up any spills immediately, however small
  • Check your car regularly for coolant leaks

Seek immediate veterinary attention if . . .

  • You suspect your pet may have ingested antifreeze
  • They display any of the following symptoms: vomiting, lethargy, seizures, breathing difficulties, appear uncoordinated.
  • Take action fast as it could just save your pet’s life.
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Published: 12, Dec, 2018