Tiny seeds a big pain

Grass seeds can be a really painful problem for dogs in summer. Their pointy ends mean that as your dog runs through long grass on their dog walk, the seeds can become trapped in their fur and then lodge under their skin, like these two which were extracted from a dog’s paw just last week.

Dogs with furry feet are particularly susceptible, especially if the hair becomes matted, and awns can have a tendency to lodge in ears too. After a dog walk, always check areas of your dog where their hair is longer, and remove any grass seeds you spot before they become more troublesome. Keeping hair trimmed around your dogs paws and ears in summer months can help reduce risk too.

If your dog is shaking their head, or worrying away at their paw, or even repeatedly sneezing, it could well be a lodged grass seed. Do get it checked out!

Categories: News
Published: 22, Jun, 2020