We’ve just had a phone call from Pet Blood Bank UK to say they are in urgent need of new canine donors. And they are particularly interested in breeds which have a predisposition to having a negative blood type. These include: Airedales, American Bulldogs, Boxers, Doberman, English Bull Terriers, Flat coated retrievers, German Shepherds, Greyhounds, Lurchers, Mastiffs (various breeds), English Pointers and Weimaraners.

Just one donation of blood can help save up to four other lives. Is your dog 25kg or over? Between 1 and 8 years old? Healthy? Up to date with vaccinations? If so, your dog could be just the lifesaver Pet Blood Bank need!

Donation doesn’t hurt (most dogs don’t even realise they are donating!) they get lots of fussing and treats and a dog toy to take home, and every successful donor also gets a special Pet Blood Bank bandana.

For more information, please visit http://www.petbloodbankuk.org/pet-owners/who-can-be-a-donor/

or give us a call on 01922 411755.

The next canine blood donation session at 387 Vets is on Saturday 22nd November. If you think your dog can help, we’d love to hear from you. Or if you know someone who might be interested, please do share this post.



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Published: 23, Oct, 2014