Watch out for acorns!

Many of us will be taking advantage of the beautiful autumnal weather we’ve been having and will be getting out and about with our canine companions. Dogs are curious, new smells are exciting, and some dogs love to pick things up in their mouths when they are rummaging and exploring. So if visiting woodland, it’s important to be aware that acorns are poisonous to dogs if accidentally ingested. And there are lots of them about this year! The tannins can cause an upset stomach, and in very severe cases can lead to kidney failure and death. In addition, acorns can cause an internal blockage if your dog is unable to pass the acorn through their gut. Please give us a call on 01922 411755 if you’re worried your dog has eaten something they shouldn’t. Better to be safe than sorry.

Categories: News
Published: 19, Oct, 2022