We’re now doing cat boosters!

Whilst we’ve only been able to carry out kitten vaccination courses and year one cat vaccinations under governing body guidance recently, we’re delighted to announce that we now are carrying out booster appointments for feline friends of all ages. What a great announcement for our feline Friday Facebook post!

Vaccination is really important. As well as protecting your cat against certain debilitating and fatal diseases, it also helps to lessen the spread and occurrence of these diseases in the wider cat community. It’s also a great opportunity for our vet team to give your cat a full health check and make sure they are lovely and healthy!

We are starting to call owners with cat booster appointments due since lockdown, but please don’t feel you need to wait for us to get in touch. You’re very welcome to call us on 01922 411755 and book your cat in.

Our Covid-19 risk reduction measures mean that only team members are permitted inside the practice just now, but we’ll talk you through our processes over the phone to keep us all safe and look after your cat too.

We can’t wait to see your beautiful feline friends again!

Categories: News
Published: 19, Jun, 2020