XL Bully ban – what you need to know

If you have an XL Bully-type dog it’s really important to take steps now in preparation for Government legislation coming into force at the end of this year. An XL Bully-type dog is any dog that has a muscular body showing great strength and power, together with a heavy, large, block-shaped or squared head with prominent cheek muscles that is over 51cm in height for males and over 48cm in height for females. Height is measured from the ground to the withers (the top of the shoulder blades across the back). For more information on what constitutes an XL Bully-type and how to verify this, visit the government’s website.

From 31st December 2023, all XL Bully type dogs must be kept on a lead and muzzled in public. It will be illegal to breed, sell, advertise, gift, exchange, abandon or let stray any XL Bully-type dog.

From 1st February 2024, it will be illegal to own or keep an XL Bully-type dog without a valid certificate of exemption (licence). To obtain the certificate, dogs must be neutered (castrated or spayed) and owners will need a signed certificate from the vet to confirm this.

Click here to apply for a certificate of exemption.

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Published: 21, Dec, 2023