Selenia is having a baby!

We’re very excited for our vet Selenia as she starts her maternity leave! Given her condition, Selenia has not been in practice during lockdown, so we were delighted when she…

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Published: 16, Jul, 2020

Stressful times

Many of us have been at home over lockdown, which means our pets have got used to having us around 24/7. This has generally meant more walks, more cuddles and…

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Published: 14, Jul, 2020

Cats and foreign bodies

Our Feline Friday focus this week is all about cats and foreign bodies which is the theme of International Cat Care’s July 2020 ‘Keeping Cats Safe’ campaign. Even though cats…

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Published: 10, Jul, 2020

Record-breaking video!

We can’t believe that our ‘How to remove a tick’ Facebook post from last summer has now been viewed by over 1.1 million people worldwide! Incredible! And that the post…

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Published: 9, Jul, 2020

Welcome back!

A huge welcome back to our receptionists Jo and Beth who were back in practice last week for the first time since the beginning of lockdown. We’re loving being together…

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Published: 6, Jul, 2020

Big changes!

We’re really excited as our new Cat Clinic build has come on leaps and bounds in the last couple of weeks. So for today’s Feline Friday post we would love…

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Published: 3, Jul, 2020

Extra cute!

We loved meeting 9 week old Billy when he came in for his first vaccinations last week. The sproodle puppy is a little unusual as he was born with the…

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Published: 2, Jul, 2020

Happy story

This beautiful little sparrow was brought in last week by a lady who had found him on her windowsill and we think he must have fallen out of a nest….

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Published: 30, Jun, 2020

Seasonal poisons for cats: be alert!

Cats are known for being inquisitive, so it’s important to be aware of common poisons that could be harmful to your feline friend at this time of year, and keep…

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Published: 26, Jun, 2020

Top tips for cool pets!

It’s another scorcher! Make sure your pets stay safe in this heat! Click here to access top tips on looking after your pet’s health this summer in our latest newsletter,…

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Published: 25, Jun, 2020

Check out our Summer Newsletter!

Wondering how to help your pets stay safe this summer? Interested in progress on our exciting new cat clinic build? Or want to know more about our Covid-19 risk reduction…

Tiny seeds a big pain

Grass seeds can be a really painful problem for dogs in summer. Their pointy ends mean that as your dog runs through long grass on their dog walk, the seeds…

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Published: 22, Jun, 2020