Our Student Veterinary Nurse Amy is just coming to the end of the second year of her Level 3 Veterinary Nursing Diploma. Having helped with pre and post-op patient care…

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Published: 21, Jul, 2023

Parvo warning

We have very sadly seen a couple of cases of canine parvovirus in practice recently. Canine parvovirus causes dogs to become weak and dehydrated and can be fatal. Symptoms can…

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Published: 6, Jul, 2023

Grass seed season!

We’ve seen a lot of dogs recently with grass awns lodged in uncomfortable places like paws, ears and underbellies. We’ve even had to remove grass seeds from inside dogs’ noses…

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Published: 5, Jul, 2023

Back from cat congress in Dublin!

Our vet Emma and our Registered Veterinary Nurse Rachael have had an amazing 4 days at the International Society of Feline Medicine’s World Congress in Dublin. The annual congress invites…

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Published: 3, Jul, 2023

Little legs, long body!

This is 5 month old puppy Frank who has been in for his monthly parasite treatment. Our Lead Nurse Cody just had to take his photo as he is the…

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Published: 28, Jun, 2023

Access our Summer newsletter online!

Our 2023 summer newsletter is out now and, as ever, is full of team news and helpful pet health advice. Read about new babies, new roles and new qualifications within…

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Published: 26, Jun, 2023

Reasons to be vigilant

Davey came in to see us after he got more than he expected when going for a pond dip. As Davey emerged from the water, his owner noticed a fish…

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Published: 19, Jun, 2023

Best cat clinic in the West Midlands

Our Practice Manager Rachel and Lead Nurse Cody headed to London yesterday for Vet Help Direct’s annual Best UK Vets Awards. It’s the first time the ceremony has been hosted…

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Published: 15, Jun, 2023
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Staying cool

It’s definitely beach weather, and this heat looks set to stay. Sadly most of us can’t make it to the coast to cool off, and neither can our pets! But…

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Published: 12, Jun, 2023

Receptionist of the Year Awards are open!

The annual British Veterinary Receptionist Association Awards are now open! Pet owners (and team colleagues!) are invited to nominate individuals they feel have gone the extra mile, detailing the effort…

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Published: 9, Jun, 2023

All hands on deck!

French bulldog mum North came in for an emergency caesarean section yesterday as she was in labour and had been straining but no puppies had appeared. There were 7 babies,…

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Published: 7, Jun, 2023

Vet nurses and their client-facing role

We’re really proud to have dedicated consulting streams run by our Registered Veterinary Nursing Team in both 387 Vets and The West Midlands Cat Clinic. There are a huge variety…

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Published: 24, May, 2023