It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

A huge thank you to Jo, our receptionist, who has made us this beautiful Christmas cake to enjoy with our morning coffees and teas. Jo has baked the 387 team…

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Published: 21, Dec, 2020

Kitten treat!

This is our last feline Friday post before Christmas! Only 7 sleeps to go! With this in mind, we thought we’s give you the gift of feline cuteness this Friday!…

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Published: 18, Dec, 2020

Looking for a home for Christmas!

This incredibly soft and cuddly little pup could be yours for Christmas! Enter our raffle at the practice to be in with a chance of winning him and a stash…

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Published: 17, Dec, 2020

Watch out for inquisitive noses!

At this time of year, when there are lots more human treats around the house, this is just a reminder to make sure you keep them well away from inquisitive…

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Published: 16, Dec, 2020

Antifreeze alert

With a few frosty mornings behind us, and the weather forecast indicating colder weather again just before Christmas, we thought we’d use today’s feline Friday post to put out a…

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Published: 11, Dec, 2020

A bundle of cuddles!

What a joy when these little bunnies came in to see us to last week be sexed. The five week old lion heads were just adorable and all 7 babies…

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Published: 9, Dec, 2020

Read all about it!

Check out our Winter newsletter for top tips on keeping your pets healthy this festive season and to catch up on the latest 387 Vets news! Read about the importance…

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A basket of kittens!

Following on from yesterday’s gorgeous Labrador puppies, for feline Friday we thought we would share some adorable kittens! This 4 week old trio came in for their routine flea and…

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Published: 4, Dec, 2020

Sunshine on a rainy day!

It’s so miserable outside we thought we would share this photo to make you smile! Here’s Sam with four of a litter of 12 Labrador puppies in for their first…

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Published: 3, Dec, 2020

Give a homeless pet a Christmas dinner campaign

We’re delighted to announce that we are once again running our ‘Give a pet a Christmas dinner’ campaign this December in support of homeless dogs, cats and guinea pigs. We’re…

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Published: 2, Dec, 2020

Winter warmer

Happy 1st of December! What a beautifully crisp start to the month! 3 month old miniature dachshund Ruby looked fabulously well-dressed for winter when she came to see us in…

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Published: 1, Dec, 2020

New face at 387 Vets!

A huge welcome to Charlotte Rock who joins the 387 team in a brand new receptionist position. It’s particularly appropriate that Charlotte is the focus for our Feline Friday Facebook…

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Published: 27, Nov, 2020